Friday, 26 February 2010

Story Board

This is the story board for our film Collision. The first two scenes have been drawn out as they are important to the film. They are important because in the pictures, you can see things that represent Chelsea Fc, this has been purposely done because despite the boys different backgrounds, they still have things in common that they do not know yet. Furthermore, we have drawn out the same thing of the two boys brushing there teeth and then walking down the stairs, this is further portraying how they are the same despite there different social classes and background.

At the end of scene #2, there is a shot of the character from the poorer background standing outside where he lives. This is an establishing shot to show the audience his living conditions compared to the other character who has a very nice detached house with a drive way.

The third scene is footage of the school day progressing. We have included the clock to show the time of the day changing.

The fourth scene that we have drawn is important as it is the scene of the accident. We have drawn out a mobile phone with the words, "i'll be there a.s.a.p." This is showing the audience that the character from the nice backgound is in a rush and will be speeding when he is driving- not giving any thought or concern to those around him. the accident is then drawn with the character from the poorer background getting run over, this is important as this is what starts the two different characters talking to each other.

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