Friday, 26 February 2010

Story Board

This is the story board for our film Collision. The first two scenes have been drawn out as they are important to the film. They are important because in the pictures, you can see things that represent Chelsea Fc, this has been purposely done because despite the boys different backgrounds, they still have things in common that they do not know yet. Furthermore, we have drawn out the same thing of the two boys brushing there teeth and then walking down the stairs, this is further portraying how they are the same despite there different social classes and background.

At the end of scene #2, there is a shot of the character from the poorer background standing outside where he lives. This is an establishing shot to show the audience his living conditions compared to the other character who has a very nice detached house with a drive way.

The third scene is footage of the school day progressing. We have included the clock to show the time of the day changing.

The fourth scene that we have drawn is important as it is the scene of the accident. We have drawn out a mobile phone with the words, "i'll be there a.s.a.p." This is showing the audience that the character from the nice backgound is in a rush and will be speeding when he is driving- not giving any thought or concern to those around him. the accident is then drawn with the character from the poorer background getting run over, this is important as this is what starts the two different characters talking to each other.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Target Audience

Who Are The Target Audience For Short Films?
The target audience for short films tends to be people between the groups A and C1 on the social class table, these people may have good educational backgrounds and economical status'. An unemployed person who is considered group E may be a student who is making a short film and targeting it at the more professionals from the higher classes who can invest in the film and the maker. Psychographic types that short films are targeted at are SUCCEEDERS, this is because these are powerful and successful people can look at a short film and decide to invest in it to make themselves more money. ASPIRERS can also be considered as the target audience because they strive for a bigger and better lifestyle and if they see a film that can make them a lot of money then they will also invest in it.

Who Are The Target Audience For Films We Looked At?
The target audience for the short films that we looked at was youths. the youths tended to be between the ages 12 and 18 because they were all still at school.

Who Are You Making Your Film For?
I am making my film for youths who are still at their secondary school and between the ages of 12 and 18. This age range has been chosen as my film is set on school children and showing an important school scenario. Therefore it is important that school children see it. The psychographic categories that youths fit into are TRENDIES, EGOIST, PURITANS, INNOVATORS, REBELS, GROUPIES, DRIFTERS, DROP OUTS, TRADITIONALISTS, UTOPIANS, CYNICS and COWBOYS. 
My film is targeted at all of these because they are all youths who are pleasure seeking, those craving acceptance and those who want the world to be a better place. My film is aimed at these because all of these different categories are found in schools and therefore it is important that all should see it because the scenario in my film could happen to anyone.

How Will You Measure Your Success In Having Made A Product Which Appeals To This Audience?
I will be measuring my success by uploading the video to YouTube and then asking for feedback comments. Alternatively, the film will be shown to a different load of students who can then give honest feedback through email. 

Friday, 12 February 2010

4 Short Films Rivaling

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: