Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Radio Planning

Radio Advert Script

[Bell rings]

“One town, one school, two completely different individuals.”

“Separated by class, separated by money, but not for long.”

[Car screech]


“When two paths cross”

“A Mace Productions Film starring Matthew Pettifer and Andrew York.”

The radio advert starts with the sound of a school bell ringing, this has been included so the audience immediately know that the film has a link to school and therefore it reaches the target audience.

The dialogue that is used to cause a sense of curiosity for the audience. The voice is speaking slowly and it hinting at different things but nothing is clear. Just before the title of the film is announced there is the sound effects of a car screeching. This is leading the audience to believe that the film is based on a car crash yet the do no know the real meaning so will want to see the film to find out.

Finally, the radio ends with the conventional dialogue of who the film was produced by and the actors starring in it.

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