Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Poster Planning

The picture above is the design for the picture we want on our poster. The picture is of two boys walking, but on different sides of the road. the boys in the poster are the two characters from the film and they are on different sides of the road on purpose to show how they dont not know each other and both live different lives.

The second drawing is the design of what is going to be included on the poster. There is the title so the audience know what film the poster is advertising. There is also a review from a leading tabloid paper and a star tating- this is important because the audience can see how the film is rated so they can decidee if they want to watch it. There is the age rating inthe bottom right hand corner, this has been used as it is conventional because every film has an age rating. Furthermore, the two actors names have been included because this once again follows the normal conventions for film posters

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