Sunday, 20 September 2009

Re-Draft : A Level Proposal

For my A Level media task I am going to be working with Grace Williams and we have decided to create the short film instead of the movie trailer or newspaper. We have decided to creat the short film as we have already practiced doing this last year and enjoyed it. We currently only have a rough idea of what we are going to do and need to sort out our final idea.

Our idea at the moment is to base our film around the representaion of social class. We are going to focus on two students who both go to the same school and are the same age which is going to be 16/17. However, the two teenagers will have very different backgrounds and will be treated differently, this will be showing how your social class can have an differnt and sometimes negative affects on your life.
We want the film to be as real as possible which the audience can relate to, like Kidulthood. It is not going to be a clean polished film as we want to focus on realism which will represent events as truly as possible.
We are going to have to use different camera techniques to show the realism in our film to live up to our values.
Our target audience for this film is teenagers from the age 15 up to when you are still in school so either 16 or 18. We have chosen this as our target audience as our film is about youngsters so we ideally want youngsters to watch it and understand it. Our film will not contain swearing or violence however, if we get the feeling of realism right then we will not need the cursing or violence as the film will be jut as effective to our audience.
The music and mise en scene is going to play an importnat roll in this film as there will not be a lot of dialogue. We will use different techniques using the camera like editing and zooming on different parts of the film to connote different meanings, eg. we may zoom in on an expensive piece of jewerlly to show money and wealth.
Our short film is going to deal with real issues in society that affect lots of people. Our film will address bullying and broken homes and will portray a view as real as possible how it affects people instead of a film which is not reality and escapes the issues.
Our film is going to be set over a typical day for the two teenagers. It will show how the two students are treated different in school by their peers and how even though neither of the characters show it, they are being affected all the time. We have not decided on a definate ending yet but we think we will show the end of the school day with each character going home and something dramatic happening to the person who is neglected and lonely.
Our short film will come under action/drama

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  1. Well done Matthew. I think you've explained your points well and what I would like to see now is further development of Genre. Find films/short films to compare it to and help you categorise your product and decide on your technical elements to make it a success.