Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Level Proposal

For my A Level media task I am going to be working with Grace Williams and we have decided to create the short film instead of the movie trailer or newspaper. For our video we have decided to focus on the representation of class but have not come up with a final idea. We have two ideas at the moment and are deciding which one to go with. Our first idea is to show two teenagers from different backgrounds who go to the same school, one will be of a working class who does not have much and is very lonely at home and at school and the other person will be from a middle class area who is considered stuck up with a nice house and lots of stuck up friends at school. Throughout the film, the teenager from the poorer area is neglected by everybody and is therefore depressed, this could end up in a dramatic ending for the child who is lonley in school and at home, whilst the student from the richer background does not even acknowledge the other person untill at the end and then they realise how lucky they are and how they are going to change. Our other idea is to switch the characters around. Instead we may do the teenager from the richer background to be lonely and depressed as his/her parents may always be away and they may not fit in at school where as the person from the working class background will actually turn out to be the happy child who may not have much but is happy with what he has as he/she will have a strong family and many friends. During our film, e will use different techniques to indicate and represent ideas through the film. For example we may focus the camera on little things to do with each of the teenagers such as there foot wear or jewelry which could connote and represent different backgrounds and lifestyles. We plan on using teenagers as the cast as this way teenagers who watch the video can relate and we want them to be our target audience. Our film will represent difference in class and though some people may have everything; it doesn't mean they are happy.

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  1. I have a rough idea of the story but this does not pass at A2 level Matthew. You need to re-draft and write under the headings of each Key Concept - RIVALING.